6 Tips for Adding Adventure to Your Engagement Session

March 31, 2020

1. Bring your furry friend!

This isn’t just for dog lovers, either. I’m 100% certain that you could bring any of your pets to your session and you’d totally have fun with it! To make this successful, ask a friend or family member to come along to the session and watch your pet when they aren’t in the photos. That way, you can focus on looking natural and having fun without stressing about where your pet is, if they’re safe, etc.

2. Do something unique to you as a couple.

Love beer? Head to your favorite pub or brewery for your images. The same goes for apple orchards, wineries or vineyards, canoeing sessions, merry-go-rounds, bookstores…if you love doing it as a couple, it’s going to make your shoot epic because you’ll look so natural and comfortable and probably have a heck of a time during the shoot!

Try thinking outside the box – going on a hike, visiting the zoo, or paintballing (insert 10 Things I Hate About You reference here) could be the perfect way to add something unique to your engagement session!

3. Location, location, location.

Any photographer worth their salt will be able to find something that works wherever you are, but why not add extra oompf to your shoot by choosing a stunning location? Settings like canyons, waterfalls, state parks, unique bridges, cityscapes, and busy downtowns with lots of colorful signs all make for epic engagement shoots!

4. Embrace your inner foodie.

Ok, who doesn’t love a romantic picnic in the park? Bringing pizza, ice cream, Chinese takeout, beer/wine/champagne…these are all wonderful props that can make you feel at ease, gives you something to do with your hands when you’re feeling uncomfortable, and make your shoot super fun and cute. 

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5. Switch up your outfits.

Many couples want more formal photos to hang on walls or frame for their grandparents, but also want unique images that showcase their personality or hobbies. If you fall into this camp, it might be worth asking your photographer about bringing different outfits to your shoot! You can start with the more formal outfits, then switch to something that’s more comfortable or that you can get dirty or wet in, etc. 

Alysa James Fine Art Engagement Photography Hidden Falls Saint Paul MN 2020 82
Alysa James Fine Art Engagement Photography Hidden Falls Saint Paul MN 2020 82


6. Work with props.

Props like bikes, food (see above), umbrellas, canoes, signs, retro campers or cars, or anything you’re passionate about can bring a unique element to your session! Just let your photographer know ahead of time so they can plan the session around whatever items you choose to bring. 

Bonus easy and cheap ideas to add extra fun to your engagement session in the MN area:

  • Canoe around a lake (Como and Nokomis are great MN lakes with rentals available and aren’t too large so you don’t have to worry about waves)
  • Visit the first restaurant or venue of your first date
  • Have a beer or glass of wine at your favorite brewery (I love Saint Paul Brewing and Blackstack)
  • Have a snowball fight
  • Grab colored smoke bombs 
  • Plan a picnic
  • Go skiing or snorkeling
  • Plan a shoot at the Minnesota State Fair (bonus shots on the Ferris wheel would be amazing!)
  • Visit the Como Zoo and Aquarium
  • Explore the Twin City Murals
  • Head to the North Shore for some epic Nature shots!
  • Plan a shoot at the Eden Prairie Bluffs (message me for how to get there)

Want extra ideas? I’ve got some great locations up my sleeve for the TC area. Message me here or on Instagram – I’d be happy to help!